Free Product Release Template For WLAN Companies

It can be tough to get a good marketing campaign out to the masses. Not everyone has the gift for spin (or the budget to outsource their spin needs), and so for those budget-constrained companies that need a hand in talking about their latest wireless network offerings, I present the following royalty-free template that you can use and customize as needed.

Date:___________     <Your Company Name> Is proud to announce <new product, service, over-the-top claim>

<Your City> <Your Company Name> brings the industry’s first and best <whatever you are hyping> to an industry crushed by BYOD and bottlenecks, and awash with other WLAN products and offerings that simply can’t compete despite their own claims. With performance that is <pick one: 10X, 20x, 30x, or 190x better> than other solutions, <whatever you are hyping> instantly makes <Your Company Name> the <choose one: national, global, intergalactic> leader in <insert something, everyone needs to be a leader in this business> as evidenced by the attached self-authored <select one: whitepaper, study, crayon drawing, testimony of job-jumping C-level guy> in a world where BYOD taxes the bottle-neck cloud limits of the monitized enterprise seeking to leverage big data.

With a simplified licensing scheme,  our new <whatever you are hyping> bests the competition by empowering employees and admins alike to participate in driving synergies deeper into the value chain despite the challenges of BYOD. As the market leader in <whatever>, we are not only the first company to deliver an order of magnitude greater functionality, but at no additional cost we  would rather that you didn’t Google what “market leader”, “functionality”, or “first” means as cloud networking and BYOD create ever more bottlenecks that are 10x more effective than previous generation BYOD cloud bottlenecks offered by other unified global leaders.

<your company> has deperimeterized competing alternatives to this offering with patented strategies of bottle-necked clouds on bottle-nose dolphins whose networks aren’t 10x ready for the new iPad even if shrinking IT budgets haven’t unificated their redundant data center cloud diversity.  <Whatever is being hyped> delivers cloud performance that is <please pick one 10x, 20x, 30x, or 324x better> than other solutions in this age of BYOD and bottlenecks.

<Your company’s> green evangelists are favored by 8 out of 10 imaginary K-12 schools and reality-challenged hospitality customers who rely on location-based services for deep-bottleneck unified BYOD cloud analysis where gamification and monification are must-delivers for big data in converged VoIP and BYOD in 5G clouds.

See <product link here> for more information.

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