Off the WLAN Beaten Path- Edgewater Wireless and TP-Link

The US wireless networking industry generates a lot of media buzz- usually centered around industry leaders and second-tier vendors hoping to catch up. But there is WLAN life beyond the Magic Quadrant, and the mainstream media isn’t the end of the story when it comes to who’d doing what in wireless.  Here’s a quick look at two “other” wireless players; Edgewater Wireless and TP-Link.

Based in Ottawa, Edgewater Wireless has a product set based on what they call WiFi3 (it’s actually WiFI “cubed”) technology, that by their press releases, should compete nicely with mainstream wireless vendors. Edgewater has offerings for pretty much all customer niches, including:

  • Enterprise
  • Wireless ISPs
  • Muni WiFI
  • Stadiums
  • Service Providers

Outside of Canada, Edgewater does well in Mexico, Latin America, South America, and Africa. I find them interesting because they appear to have a proven, mature product set with lots of customers, yet we in the US seldom hear about them. News releases here.

From California’s City of Industry, TP-Links US division provides a domestic presence for the global WLAN market leader of 2012, according to TP-Link’s own press. But who is TP-Link, and what do they do?

Yes, TP-Link pushes out a lot of WLAN products- in the home and SMB spaces. Under their wireless product line, you’ll find everything from consumer-grade APs and routers to outside wireless products and high-gain antennas to CPE equipment used by wireless ISPs. There is a big story here, based on volume of units moved alone.

Beyond wireless, TP-Link also has these product lines:

  • 3G/4G Routers
  • ADSL gear (I had to learn quick how to configure TP-Link ADSL gear at a location I support in London)
  • Switches
  • Powerline Ethernet
  • IP Print Servers
  • IP Cameras

And more… It’s also pretty obvious as you run through TP-Link’s offerings that much of what they produce is re-badged by other SOHO vendors, which contributes to their claims of wireless world domination.

Should you get bored following the goings on of the wireless big guys, have a look at Edgewater and TP-Link. Both companies are moving and shaking, just not at the dances that most of us usually go to.

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